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 Swan Lake Leisure Hotel for the industry elite to display their talent to provide a broad space for development. The hotel aims to: build a "people-oriented, people first" talent Heights. Who is the first element to do the work, the work of a multitude of things should simply grabbed the man is the cause of this combination to success.

Hotels use of flexible and effective incentive mechanism to motivate and play the role of human resources, to attract and retain qualified personnel. Meanwhile, the company's focus on nurturing innovation mechanism, every employee scientific and standardized pre-service training, to create a relaxed environment, stimulate potential employees. Hotel observe open recruitment principles Zeyouluyong fulfill strict examination, merit-based methods and procedures, full implementation of the labor contract system the rational use of the hotel staff.

Annually not only recruited from the community talents, while the establishment of competitive selection mechanism within the company, the employee's promotion, grading, reward and punishment, compensation, assignment with the actual performance, combined contribution to fully mobilize their initiative, enthusiasm, maintain The hotel's vigor and vitality.

As a well-known companies in the same industry-wide, Swan Lake Leisure Hotel heritage green, healthy, environmentally friendly business philosophy to highlight the noble, elegant surroundings, meticulous and attentive butler service, allowing guests to experience the health, safety, comfort ! Swan Lake Leisure Hotel, China is committed to create a one-stop leisure services industry spa themed hotel with a wide range of innovative ideas to promote the development of leisure services industry!

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