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Reservations at the hotel front desk to coordinate with othe
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1, reservation and reception work coordination

Reservation foreman to timely to request about guests and personal documents to the reception,the reception guests not to the booking return reservation, for reservation supervisor or foremanfurther search related data and make a deal.

On their arrival on the day of booking or reservation booking changes cancel booking information,should promptly notify the reception.

The reception shall provide relevant information to assist reservation, booking office do a good job in the guest history.

Work and coordinate 2, reservation and Cashier.

If guests are guaranteed booking in advance deposit form, cash is processed by Cashier.

3, reservation and concierge work coordination

Reservation will pick up car list the concierge, the concierge arrangement by vehicles, and informthe hotel representative meeting.

4, reservation and luggage work coordination

(1) usually reservation to leave the next day arrival of VIP data and the relevant reception in report forms copy clearly at night, by the baggage respectively manner to other departments.

(2) reservation to take the name, the next day arrival group number, arrival time, flight and the related data detailed list of BOCOM lee.

The hotel representative to the airport, station information please for the team flight and train arrival time, return the booking office.

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