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The hotel bar drinks issuance procedures and standards
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1 Preparation

(1) bar staff in the first half of the business hours do drinks delivery preparations

(2) check the beverage variety is complete, the quantity is sufficient, the temperature is up to the standard.

(3) ensure that sell drinks, drinks to wipe clean

The 2 issue

(1) accept drinks orders, check whether the order items clearly fill out is complete, whether the cashier seal.

(2) according to the content of the order issued by the corresponding drinks, pay attention toquality inspection drinks issued, in accordance with the standards of the party can be issued.

(3) the issuance of drinks, should not let the waiter goes into a bar to take drinks.

3 well retained work order

(1) the drinks orders by properly stored, aggregated meal at the end, and check the actual quantity and compliance issued orders.

(2) before the end of each shift, do order drinks sales report.

Bar standard procedures and beverage service.

1 remove drinks from the bar

(1) take the beverage must use the tray.

(2) equipped with the coasters and other service activities.

(3) production of wine products meet the standards

2 of the guests to provide beverage service

(1) service always keep smiling.

(2) to take the cup with finger from the mouth of the cup, held in a cup or the cup foot part below 2/3.

(3) provide each drink wine needs to report, provide coasters, napkin or cloth.

(4) all the drinks according to standard poured.

4 guests

Bar cleaning procedures and standards

1 clean all high-level wine array frame

(1) in non business hours.

(2) wine, no wine rack

(3) once a week.

2 re layout display rack

(1) wine shelving clean, no trace.

(2) all label outwards.

3 clean refrigeration equipment

(1) two times per week will refrigeration equipment.

(2) bright and clean appearance, internal water stain, sandwich, shelves and other office no stains,no embroidery stitch.

(3) when operating the power must be cut off.

4 clean the glass frame, at the end of each day to clean a.

5 clean stainless steel sink

(1) keep clean, to ensure that no dirt, rubbish.

(2) the inner wall of bright, no tea stains, Coffee trace.

The 6 cleaning bar utensils

(1) with cleaner heating water washing, bleaching and clean.

(2) every day, if necessary with the wash.

7 clean the ground, the ground clean, no stains, dry water mark.

Bar drinks inventory procedures and standards

1 complete and inventory open bar base

(1) open it base on the business front fill.

(2) and a number of drinks the same number of flights actual inventory.

(3) the number of actual inventory based and bar the same number.

(4) to the whole bottle of wine as a unit to fill in.

(5) had used alcohol is calculated according to the standard weight.

(6) beer, soft drink bottles, barrels, to listen for completing units.

2 fill in the actual number of drinks to apply for the same single.

(1) to fill in the number and the actual number for the same single.

(2) a unified unit to bottle. A, listening, barrels and other standards.

3 fill in the number of transferred in and out

4 statistical and fill out the drinks sales quantity.

(1) as the basis to order bar joint.

(2) the same as the actual number of statistics.

5 fill in after work drinks actual inventory and actual inventory number

(1) the actual existence of number = its number + for + transferred number number number number- - sold out.

(2) the actual existence of number and the same number of bar stock.

Bar drinks application procedures and standards

1 check the beverage inventory

(1) in the standard storage quantity as the basis.

(2) the quantity can not meet the business needs.

Fill in the application for 2 single

(1) the use of uniform number and the name of the wine.

(2) spirits to bottle as a unit, other wine to box, barrel unit.

(3) clear writing, no correction.

3 for drinks

(1) liquor need to empty bottles for bottle.

(2) the white wine, beer and other refrigeration.

Buffet service quality standard

1 booking to undertake

Reserve personnel familiar with the buffet will use service content, service procedures andrestaurant, having rich food and beverage knowledge. During booking, booking process, theorganizer, the predetermined criteria, attendance, holding time, dishes, drinks, room layout andplatform requirements type design requirements clear, accurate records. Reservation type or printspecification. Scheduled completion, timely develop reception plan, make arrangements in advance.

The 2 room layout

Changes in temperature will be held on the same day, ahead of time 1 - 2 hours service personnel organization arranges the main hall. Hall layout and requirements of the organizer, receive the corresponding specifications. Table type design beautiful, outstanding head table or head tablearea. Table neatly, restaurant, tea table, buffet food placed specification, place cards, ashtrays inproper position. Aisle spacious, convenient guest access, meal. The whole hall layout doequipment, dining table the whole layout coordination, clean indoor health, harmonious atmosphereand pleasant environment, comply with the requirements of the organizer.

3 greet guests

The guests came to the restaurant, initiative, enthusiasm welcome, service standard of language use, adhere to the service with a smile. Quick guide the guests seated, VIP as needed to lead to the lounge, provide tea, fragrant towel or napkin. The elderly, children receive special attention.

4 buffet will officially begin before 10-20 minutes on the desktop buffet food, food placed neatly.The organizers announced that the cold will start, as required for the guests to drink, ask a guest todinner, the host speech or speech, service personnel to stop walking, guest dining process, take good care of each table, need to be vigilant about, observe the guest, to adapt to thecomplementary buffet food, beverage. The guests have to ask, listen carefully, polite answer. Tableashtrays timely replacement. Keep the table clean.

5 bid farewell to the guests


The guest the end of the meal, take the initiative to solicit the views, pull the chair out, assist the organizers say goodbye to guests, guests are welcome to come again.


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