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The ten major principles of hotel management
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One, the principle of Peter

Each organization is composed of a variety of different position, rank or class arrangement, each belonging to one of the grade. The Peter principle is American scholar Lawrence Peter in the study of organization personnel promotion related phenomenon, draw a conclusion: in a variety of organizations, employees always tend to be promoted to the status of their incompetence. The Peter principle is also sometimes referred to as climbing principle. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a qualified professor was promoted to the president of the University, but was unable to do; an excellent athlete was promoted to director of sports officials, but the attempt nothing and accomplish nothing. For an organization, once a considerable part of the staff pushed to their level of incompetence, the organization will result in more personnel than work available, low efficiency, resulting in mediocre person rise head and shoulders above others, stagnation. Therefore, it requires a simple change according to the contribution of the decision and promotion mechanism of staff promotion enterprise, not because someone on a job well, so the man must be equal to a higher position. A worker to a not very good play to the post, not on my reward, but it can not be a good play, also brought losses to the enterprise.

Two, wine and sewage law

Wine and sewage Law refers to a spoonful of wine into water, get a bottle of water; if a spoonful of sewage poured into a barrel of wine, or get a bucket of sewage. In any organization, there was almost a few difficult characters, the purpose of their existence seems to mess it up. Worst of all, they like the rotten apple fruit box, if not promptly treated, it can spread quickly, to other apple fruit box up. Scary rotten apple, lies in its devastating. An honest and competent people into a chaotic sector may be swallowed, but a non German will soon become a highly efficient sector lacking spirit of cooperation. Organizational systems are often fragile, is based on mutual understanding, tolerance and compromise on, is easy to be infringed, poisoned. Is another important reason saboteurs extraordinary ability, the destruction is better than building easy. Ceramic is a skilled craftsmen spent time carefully made, a donkey, a second can destroy. If there is a donkey such an organization, even more skilled craftsmen, also won't have many decent job achievement. If there is such a donkey your organization, you should clean it immediately, if you are unable to do so, it should be tied up.

Three, the law of barrel

Cask law is about a bucket can hold much water, it all depends on the shortest piece of wood. This means that any one organization, may face a common problem, that constitute the various parts of the organization are often is not neat, and the inferior portion often determines the level of the entire organization. Bucket law and wine and sewage law, which is to discuss the organization of the forces of destruction, a useful part of the shortest board is in the organization, but worse than some other parts, you can't take them as apples away. Strength is a relative term, can not be eliminated, the problem is that you tolerate this weakness and to what extent, if serious obstacles to become the bottleneck, you have some movement.

Four, the Matthew effect

"There is a story in" New Testament gospel of Matthew: a king before long, to 3 servants per person a silver ingot, said: you are going to do business, when I come back, come back to see me. The king came back, the first servant said: Lord, you gave me a silver, I have earned a 10 pounds. So, the king gave him 10 cities. The second servant: Master, you gave me a silver, I have earned a 5 pounds. So, the king gave him 5 cities. The third servant report said: Lord, you gave me 1 pieces of silver, I have been wrapped in a handkerchief, fear of loss, has not been out. Thus, the king ordered the third servant of the 1 pieces of silver and gave the first servant, said: there is little, even his all, will be taken from him. Any more, but also to him, called him The more, the better. This is the Matthew effect, a common phenomenon existing reaction in today's society, the winner takes all. For business development, Matthew effect tells us, want to keep advantage in a certain field, it must be in this area to grow rapidly. When you become a leader in the field, even if the investment return rate is the same, you can more easily obtained than small peer greater income. If no strength rapidly in a certain field bigger, we must constantly look for new areas of development, in order to ensure a good return.

Five, the principle of zero sum game

Zero sum game is a game, the player wins or loses, the winning party is the party that lost the game, the total score is always zero, zero and game theory are popular, mainly because people in all aspects of society can be found in a zero sum game with a similar board surface, behind the glory of winner loser often hidden bitterness and bitterness. In twentieth Century, the human experience of two world wars and economic growth, the progress of science and technology, globalization and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, zero sum game concept is gradually being replaced by the concept of a win-win situation. People began to realize the benefit does not have to be built on the basis of others. Through effective cooperation happy outcome is possible. But from zero and the game to a win-win situation, the requirements with respect to the spirit and courage of sincere cooperation, cooperation and do not clever, do not always want to share other people's cheap, to comply with the rules of the game, otherwise the win-win situation can not occur, ultimately suffer or their collaborators.

Six, Washington cooperation rule

Washington cooperation rule about a person who do things carelessly, two people mutually making excuses, three men of the day is never done. We somewhat similar to the story of three monks. The cooperation between people, is not the simple addition of manpower, but is much more complex and subtle. In this cooperation, assumes that each person's capacity is 1, then 10 of cooperation sometimes far more than ten, sometimes even less than 1. Because the person is not static, but more like the direction of the different energy, promote each other, the natural result, conflict with each other, and nothing can be done. Our traditional management theory, the cooperation study not much, is to reflect the most intuitive, most of current management system and acts are committed to reduce unnecessary consumption of human, rather than using the organization to improve efficiency.

Seven, watch theorem

Watch theorem refers to a person with a table, you can know it is a few minutes, when he has two forms, it can not be determined. Two watches and can not tell a person more accurate time, but will keep watch people lose confidence to exact time. Watch theorem in enterprise management, give us a very visual inspiration, is the management of the same person or the same organization, can use two different methods at the same time, can also set two different objectives, and even every man cannot by two people at the same time command, otherwise it will make the enterprise or the person not know what course to take. Theorem watch another layer of meaning that is, everyone can choose from two different values, otherwise, your behavior will be in chaos.

Eight, law is not worth

Law is not worth the most intuitive formulation is: not worth doing, it is worth doing well. The law is simply, the importance has always been neglected forgotten. Not worth law reflects a psychological, if a person is engaged in is one that is not worth doing, tends to maintain a dig, do things carelessly attitude, not only the success rate is low, and if successful, will not feel much sense of achievement. Therefore, to the individual, should be in a variety of goals and alternative values of a selection, then struggle. Choose what you love, love what you choose, can inspire us to fight, can be at ease. While on a business or organization, then to analysis of employee personality characteristics, reasonable allocation of work, such as make achievements strong workers alone or complete certain risk and difficult to take the lead, and after its completion, giving timely affirmation and praise; give attachment to the strong staff, more to attend to a group work together; let a strong desire for power of workers, adaptation as one with the ability to phase supervisor. At the same time to strengthen the staff of the enterprise target identity, let employees feel their work is worth it, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers.

Nine, the mushroom management

Mushroom management is a management method of many organizations treat fledgeling, beginners are placed in the dark corner (neglected sector, or running errands for the job), with a head of dung (unwarranted criticism of the vicarious), left to its own devices (not necessary to guide and support). I believe many people have had such a mushroom experience, this is not necessarily what bad thing, especially when it started, the days when the mushroom, we can eliminate a lot of unrealistic fantasy, let us closer to reality, see a problem is more practical. An organization, generally for the new staff are to make no exception, from starting to work there will be no big difference. No matter how talented you are, in the beginning, only from the most simple things, mushroom experience, for the growth of young people, like a cocoon, is must undergo before eclosion step. Therefore, how to efficiently through the life of this section, from as far as possible, learn from experience, mature, and establish a good image of trusted individuals, each just into the society of young people must face the issue.

Ten, Occam's razor


In twelfth Century, the British Occam William advocate nominalism, only acknowledge the existence of the things, think those who utter lack of substance universal concepts are useless encumbrance, should be mercilessly eyebrows. He argued that if not necessary, do not increase the entity. It is often said that Occam's razor. The razor has made many people feel threatened, considered heretical beliefs, William I also suffer persecution. However, it does not damage the sharp knife, on the contrary, after hundreds of years, Occam's razor raw history has been more and more quickly, and has already overloaded the original narrow field, with wide, rich and profound significance. Occam's razor can be further evolved into simple and complex rule in business management, things become complicated very simple, simple things become very complicated. This law requires that we deal with things, to grasp the main substance of things, grasp the mainstream, solve the fundamental problem, especially the need to comply with nature, don't make things artificially complicated, so that it can handle things.

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