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The hotel service innovation comes from details
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A few days ago to do hotel service training, I give the students to innovative services to do a summary: the guests demand increases, rival services continues to increase, so we should improve the service. Otherwise it would have to close, just a day earlier, night and day, sooner or later. Think they do, we can do it, this is the detail. The hotel competition is becoming more and more fierce competition, focus on service innovation. Talk about innovation, it is necessary, is also very important, but it is of no small difficulty difficulty. Investigate its reason, is probably not clear thinking. Combined with the practice of our hotel to talk about innovation, service innovation ideas, to colleagues for reference.

One problem is the opportunity.

What is the problem? Different people have different answers, in fact the problem is between the actual and target gap. A classical sentence Qingdao harbour enterprise culture idea: the problem is not found is the biggest problem. Set the reason is also the department or the management target is too low, basically accord with the reality, so the problem is not found. Found that the problem is the first step to solve the problem, even if the problems are not find, solve the problem can only be empty talk. Service innovation opportunity is to find problems and initiative. Combined with several case stated:

The 1 rooms of the supermarket fruit

The hotel every day, according to the hotel internal standard for hotel guests according to certain standard with fruit. But in the practical work, we often see a room service personnel to withdraw from the market the market fruit prices within the guests, don't put fruit, only to reflect the reception grade? Are the guests really doesn't like to eat fruit? If don't like we have a better solution? In fact, not the guests don't love eat, only their own likes to eat the fruit, the hotel will not equipped with or with only a few, most of them are don't love to eat. The emergence of this phenomenon is a waste, but can not enhance guest satisfaction. The reason for this phenomenon is that managers and employees to look at cost, make the fruit to ensure compliance with the hotel cost control standard, for the needs of guests consider too little or no consideration, turn a blind eye to lots of fruit every day withdrawal, and even individual employees also pleased with oneself, called cost savings.

Zhonghao Grand Hotel to increase customer satisfaction, the implementation of the room fruit supermarket service. The first guests or no guest hotel guests, according to the monthly fruit production standards for guests with fruit, but also equipped with fruit supermarket card, lists 8 kinds of fruit, guests can choose from, service personnel in real time, will mark the room number of fruit supermarket card sent to the housekeeping center, next time with the fruit, will be equipped in accordance with the needs of guests.

(image: fruit supermarket)

2 unique turntable culture

Turntable catering banquet rooms decorated with flowers on long used by. Decorative rotary flowers have their advantages, but the disadvantages are also a lot of. One is that the price is relatively high, placing time is not long, resulting in a waste; two is not distinctive characteristics, it is difficult to give guests leave a memorable impression; three is a lot of guest is allergic to pollen, affect the guests dining mood; the influence of the dining environment is the flowers easy to hide a lot of small flying insects, when serving, flies fly out from flowers, effects of food hygiene and atmosphere.

Some employees after discovering these problems, began to use fruit, cereal, bonsai and other items, design of disk culture unique according to the banquet theme, seasonal and other factors. Because of its uniqueness and pertinence, it can give the guests left unforgettable memories.

3 independent package linen

Room service is also quite similar, the linen independent packaging is one of the. According to the usual practice, hotel guest room linen whether using, for each customer must be a change, which not only result in waste, and environmental protection. Even, some hotel guests without the use of the provisions, it can not replace. In fact, whether the guests use is difficult to define, some linen guest did not use, but when he take a shower take a shower splash on the water, the naked eye is difficult to judge. Some can be rented out OK room for a long time without external rental, linen in the room bare store, do not use long hours in this environment leads to the linen toilet, odor, OK housing is no longer ok. And linen in the transport process, the occurrence of pollution often occurs. These problems are linen and health management of worry, most of the management can not put it as a problem, be accustomed to.

Housekeeping Department has some love brains employees trying to think of a way to solve these problems, an employee was inspired by Lady sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins will linen according to Ms. practices, after washing, an immediate independent packaging for environmental health bag. Guest use only when it is open, this would solve the problem usually linen. Of course, still existing packaging waste and environmental problems, still need further improvement and upgrading.

Two, demand is instruction

The needs of guests into explicit and implicit demand demand. Explicit demand better identification, the hotel can basically take measures to give satisfaction. But the implicit demand because of poor recognition, easy by negligence or even Hotel, guests don't realize the hotel can provide these services.

1 eyes cloth service

Many glasses guests often have such experience, every meal, because hot meals to glasses coated with a layer of mist, then had to take off his glasses, use napkin rubbed hard, because the napkin is not special tools, glasses will underline the scar. Guests do not complain about the hotel service, because in the hotel guests the impression, incapable of action. In fact, the Zhonghao Grand Hotel staff discovered the needs of the guests, the guests when wearing glasses just seated, enthusiastic service personnel pass the last deerskin glasses cloth, guests surprise, admiration too thoughtful service.

200 chest service.

Guests staying at the hotel, will need some hotels are not usually equipped with items, such as band aid, scale, once the guest urgent need, the hotel can be immediately removed from the treasure chest, we will see a pleasantly surprise and grateful in the guest's face.

3 trunk guests

A lot of the hotel there is a group of guests, every week they have three or four days to live in the hotel, the weekend at home; and some of the guests in the hotel every year more than 100 days. Every time they Check Inn Hotel are dragging a heavy suitcase, is not convenient, also very laborious. Zhonghao Grand Hotel prepared luggage for this part of the guests, which is equipped with a special linen, toiletries, slippers, shirts etc. according to the guest's preferences, let the guests to get rid of the push and pull the trunk hard.

4 kinds of gift bag

Most hotel rooms are equipped with two or more gift bag, convenient for guests to use. But in the daily service, we often see the guests with a big gift bag, which was placed in a very small items. This is a waste of the hotel resources, is not convenient for guests. Now the hotel design five kinds of size of a gift bag, guests can choose according to the size of the goods inside, let guest feel different.

In fact, the service innovation is not difficult, as I am in a training said: the guests did not think of, we can think of, do for the guests; guests to think that we do, we are guests do; the guest that we do it well, we must do better. This will be touched by a group of guests, creating a group of guest loyalty.



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