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Personalized hotel "service trap"
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What is a trap? Refers to the original hunter when hunting for prey capture dug pits, to capture the beast or digging for arrest of the pits, floating above the camouflage, step on it will fall into a pit. Today we discuss "service trap" refers to the customer service process, the purpose and the starting point is good, but the result is a guest dissatisfaction and complaints.

With the hotel competition, almost all the hotels are offering personalized service for the guests a variety of special needs, let guests get psychological and spiritual satisfaction and pleasure, enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty. It should be said, personalized service is an important measure to improve the service quality and the level of the hotel. But the service trap "does exist in practical work". The author encountered with the work of common case, personalized service "service trap" analysis, the hope can cause reflection counterparts.

First, the personalized service and equally conflict

Personalized service is often for a guest or a certain kind of guests design. Because some personalized service cannot be extended to all the guests, and even to seize the other guests should enjoy the resources, it will produce the other guest complaints and grievances.

For example, for the VIP to control the elevator service is an example. General hotel after receiving VIP reception tasks, often to the control of an elevator for special VIP. The Miss etiquette hotel elevator control in a building, the other guests a bearish on the ladder to go into, but was told that is designed for VIP guests. Some guests may be fit to take the other elevator, also some guests will generate discontent and complain, "I will not pay you? Especially seeing elevator empty let ride, is very angry. There is a place in a hotel jokes, ready to control the elevator Hotel VIP reception, don't let the other guests aboard. The VIP arrived, VIP found control ladder man don't let take the elevator and the elevator waiting for the other guests is his leadership. Let the VIP was unhappy, the liability to the hotel. Not only against the VIP also offended the other guests. Even though there are some hotel has taken placed "maintenance is suspended" logo, fudge the guests, but also let old guests to see through, falling a dishonest excuse.

Another case is very typical. Some hotel launched a free rounds system. Some relatively good reputation of the guests in the check-out time, directly to the room card to the general desk cashier, can go through the check-out procedure directly. It was a very convenient for the guests a way. But sometimes, some guests free rounds, some guests need to wait for the rounds, let guests feel as if he needs round inferior, or bad credit etc.. And so on, in actual operation, there are still many similar cases.

Conflict of two, personalized and generalization

Enjoy the guests expect every personalized service arrived, the hotel will provide, sometimes providing, sometimes does not provide, guests may be dissatisfied with the. But in fact, some of the personalized service is spontaneous random individual service to provide personalized service, some did not promote within the area of the hotel, the hotel is also possible internal information sharing, caused no connection service.

There is provided a "trunk" service a hotel for more than 30 times the annual in-house guests, is that these guests arrived at the hotel does not need again towing his suitcase. The hotel provides a suitcase for guests to provide guests like shampoo, facial cleanser, perfume, underwear, shirt, slippers and so on, as long as people starting to bring items of all hotel provide. The service launched by one, the guests praise, they again at avoids bitter dragging luggage. But after a period of time, the guests but find hotel management staff complaints. The reason is that he stays at the hotel, the hotel due to internal information communication is not in place, the guests luggage into the guest room on time without. The guest is rising expectations of hotel service, personalized service that him today, he thought the standardized service tomorrow. The hotel do not do today, tomorrow, he will be discontent.

Three, the personalized service can not keep pace with the times

Some personalized service to constantly bring forth the new through the old, should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Otherwise, not only to impress the guests, but also may let guest complaints.

One case was an old leadership to listen to the provincial Party committee told me. He is like to eat shrimp paste glue east, the corn pancake, so every time he to municipalities and municipalities investigation, the reception unit all of his guest history remember firmly, shrimp paste corn pancake breakfast, lunch dinner shrimp paste shrimp paste pancake corn, the corn pancake; the city to eat shrimp sauce on the corn pancake, a city also on the corn pancake with shrimp paste. Every time do not want to eat, to city leaders to help with, the waiter brought to help. Let him see the shrimp paste pancake corn are sick, the last station, get off to a reception unit, can not paste the corn pancake today. Originally, according to the guest history provide targeted services is a good thing, but because not according to the actual situation blindly copy, run counter to one's desire.

There is also a guest told me a case, there is a meeting he caught a cold, do not want to drink tea, a cup of boiling water. The waiter will be credited to the guest history, every time he come to the meeting, the waiter always said to him, "General Lee, your white boiling water, please slow to use." Look at the staff attentive, unwilling to crack down on staff, always endure drink boiling water.

I set out to other hotels also have a similar experience. Hotel rooms are mostly introduced the note service, daily back room, see employees write note to remind remind weather, diet, feel very warm. But every day to see note immutable and frozen, a little "moan and groan without being ill" feeling.


Personalized service is our consistent advocate of the hotel industry, we are convinced that with the joint efforts of the hotel employees, to deal with the relationship between the above aspects of the "service, reduce trap", let the personalized service has more charm.

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