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Build relationships -- with the hotel guests personally go i
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Build relationships -- with the hotel guests personally go into battle

We are now in an era of experience. The hotel industry as an important part of the service industry, as a service can be about the role of the vanguard. Provide the senses on the product and service for the customer. In a sense, not only to provide products and services, but to provide an important relationship and emotion.

Now many hotels and business managers have to focus on this aspect, and has played a good leading role. So you need a different mode of operation, is an unusual battle personally, hospitality, your appearance can give the guests bring physical and mental, spiritual and emotional balance, pleasure, get more respect and meet. So between you and the guests, the hotel and guest feeling stronger.

The guests are in many aspects in the hotel experience, which is the most important a factor that influence relationship. In today's society, no matter which industry is undeniable: relationship is very important, very important connections. Nowadays there are still a lot of this hotel, especially the owners and top managers, they always tree layers of the barrier, will himself on the shelf, and the guests will be put into the castle in the air, less user-friendly communication with guests. Hotel executives like kidnapped in the office, sitting at the desk, will all work on the report, digital, approval etc.. Occasional guests in the hotel, a lot of the time is the selfish go, is at least slightly smile. Meet acquaintances, it is at most a greeting. This pair of executives have paid quite a lot and it is very important.

But this kind of communication is in a rush, pass, can saying is not to play any role, simply can not establish any relationship. It also makes a guest to the overall feel of the hotel is: good hardware, regular course of official duties, the program without the exchange of feelings, he was just a passing. Of course, there are some primary and middle managers in communication with the customer in some hotel, but more is the so-called marketing personnel, but the starting point of marketing personnel is more and interests.

In fact, we can do better. Welcome to our hotel, we will pay attention to you, hope that with our good hardware and quality services so that you become the hotel customer loyalty. These are just a part of our work.

We can do better. This is the so-called relationship between private contact, i.e.. It is especially important to this point in the county of the hotel, I were in high Stars Hotel two County Office of the general manager job, have deep feelings. How do we establish this relation, establish this relationship, to this relationship to customers, to the hotel, our expression of feeling better, our hotel, guest's psychological experience. If you can take the guests to their rooms, into the dining room, the establishment of such a relationship is not difficult, the establishment is fairly easy to. We call: personally go into battle.

Just imagine: if there are so few days each week, personnel management of our top management and middle duty two hours alternately at the registration in the peak period to the front. The registration formalities, you know the guest name and room number, then asks to accompany guests to go to their room, you will have sufficient time to talk with the guests, a chat about the hotel or guest about the topic of. Then, to help the guests to open the door, the room facilities, turn on the lights, air conditioning, even pour tea, after presenting your card, thank them for their stay, and wish they stay, you need at any time telephone orders. The end of the guest's work, return to the front desk, reception next guest, doing the same thing. The whole duty during doing the same thing. Do useful? Can achieve what kind of effect? Guess you learned what? Try. If every meal dining time, you stand to greet guests at the door, personally led the guests into the box, pull the chair for sitting, during which you will have enough time to chat with guests communication, many related guest information already by you ask the waiter know more, service more thoughtful. I remember once to Hefei hi tech Zone Shangri-La most high-profile dinner, general manager of the company Shao Mingjun tooling in the lobby to greet the guests at the door, let a person feel very surprised and respected.

Let's calculate, each week, you, general manager, spent two hours and five guests to establish a personal relationship, your other 3 management colleagues like you, so a week there are 20 guests, there are 80 guests for a month, a year 960 people in 960, the guest is related with your hotel through private relationship between link, establish this relation is a self-employed other industry basically does not have the.

We think again, the distinction between between employees and managers, the difference between managers and marketing personnel, the difference between the grass-roots level managers and middle management personnel differences, middle managers and senior management personnel in where, the reason is obviously, level, capacity, power, position. As an executive, you can completely stand in the angle of the hotel, no posts or sector constraints, also does not have the narrow interests of individual or department, you can stand on the guest's point of view to look at the entire hotel management, -- their vision, hearing, feeling, sense of touch and even the sense of smell. Knowing this, hotel, products, and services you can get fast, comprehensive improvement, promotion.

The staff is the hotel's image ambassador, and you are the ideal ambassador hotel. Your identity,, ability, level, communication, make the guest feel fast, respected, meet.

At the same time made an exemplary role you have employees, than you made at the meeting commander, during a training session to explain methods will play an irreplaceable role, this to the staff, learning more profound, gain more and more, this is called osmosis. The same set of excellent culture of your employees. They are more profound understanding to pay attention to customer service philosophy and your leadership. In addition, himself to let your subordinate managers (financial, personnel, sales, repair and other departments) back to the hotel, serve the customer supreme reality. You are the brand, talk about your story! So, guests, and complaints will be true, relevant hotel internal information timely, true, smooth. I stipulated in the service guide a four Stars Hotel on the telephone complaints directly to write my mobile phone number, finally, to always maintain the relationship with guests. You and the guest relations and of the establishment of the establishment of the relationship does not mean the end of your investment, but the beginning. To continue to inform them of the hotel the latest activity, to solicit their views and suggestions, inviting them to participate in the preferential activity or project. Express your good wishes and concern. They will be faithful to you, will come again, will also make publicity for your hotel.

The hotel is the one and only, the landscape is changing. Hotel experience is valuable, and the relationship between the experience more profound, more memorable.

In the scheme of the hotel business, your effort is very small, but the benefit is remarkable! But, turnover will also support you this fresh approach. Press the service bell: personally go into battle!



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