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The hotel people, it is time to Fun micro-channel, microblog
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At present, more and more white hot competition in Hotel industry. Hotel enterprises want to survive, to promote development in the fierce competition, they must work in the marketing aspect. But too much marketing investment, consumption, wealth, the hotel human resources, is also likely to lose money earn call. Therefore, the hotel must be done at low cost marketing, micro Bo, micro credit, micro film due to its low cost, wide spread, quick, and gradually by more and more enterprises.

Micro Bo

The Po marketing to Twitter as a marketing platform, every listener (fans) are all potential objects of marketing enterprises. The enterprise can continue to update their micro Bo, information, to the netizen communication of enterprise product information, establish a good corporate image and product image. Microblogging is the biggest characteristic, release information fast, information transmission speed. Therefore, the hotel if can do the Po marketing, good method of low cost marketing will be.

How to build a good hotel micro blog? We can be considered according to the "six" analysis method. "Six" is "5W+1H", is a scientific analysis of the work, on the basis of a work on the investigation, the work content (What) and responsibility (Who), work (Where), time (When), how to operate (How) and why do (Why), written description and description in this post, to reach the completion of mission objectives.

First, clear the hotel micro blog creation and publishers (Who). Generally speaking, we can be released and the construction of hotel small gain work in the marketing department, but the collection and collation of information of all departments and organizations should undertake the task. Can set up information staff in each department, provide regular micro-blog information to marketing department.

Second, select publish content (What). Micro Bo can publish content wants to be widely, can be for the hotel promotion, hotel information release, can also be forwarded microblogging, microblogging and other customer review interaction etc.. These contents include the consumers of all kinds of activities, can make the fans have full understanding of the hotel. At the same time, if there are artists who stay, the hotel also can use the star effect under the premise of the consent of star agreed, to attract fans attention. In addition, also can timely release of various festivals Hotel, wedding products design, and send holiday wishes, make micro-blog content more intimate, more humane.

Third, a clear release time (When). You can choose a day sooner or later period publish, publish content should be concise, every 5 to 10 pieces of information, the holiday release micro Bo appropriate to increase the frequency, allow users to develop login after checking Twitter has not the habit of update.

Fourth, select the publication platform (Where). Should choose well-known website platform or micro-blog platform play, such as Sina, micro-blog Tencent micro-blog etc.. In addition to the website micro Bo platform well-known portal site and outside the industry, according to the different microblogging community characteristics, set for the male section in tourism, business website, in dress beauty, home life for the women's section of the site settings, convenient guest reception wine shop with their favorite way twitter.

Fifth, clear the purpose of microblogging publishing. Micro-blog does not need to spend the advertising fee, need to use creativity to attract fans, to clear its propaganda hotel products and establish a corporate image to the hotel.

Sixth, how to release (How). The hotel can combine their practical operation, the use of event marketing, experience marketing, celebrity effect, theme marketing, promotions, public relations crisis, micro Po marketing matrix or cross industry multi brand joint soft implant way to carry out the Po marketing. In addition to using microblogging to shape the brand, the hotel enterprises can also make a reservation use microblogging.

Micro film

Micro film (MicroMovie), that is, small mini movie film, is a type of short, small film is derived based on the film and television drama art's, with the full story plot and ornamental. Micro film "micro" is long: micro, micro fabrication, micro investment, with its short, concise, flexible form popular in the internet.

For hotels, micro film, could be threefold.

The first is to use the least cost publicize the hotel, and shooting, shooting, shooting site material content, the film crew, the venue can be derived from the hotel. The hotel daily operation, is a microcosm of people's daily life, the social public to the high Stars Hotel hotel is always full of curiosity, micro film can fully meet the social from all walks of life to the hotel operation curiosity.

Second, content source micro film shot in the hotel employees in the daily life, through refining to their daily work of the classic case, can let the staff of their own interpretation of the daily work. This not only makes the employee have occupation of pride, and publicity of the hotel employees social image, influence character by environment change in the public understanding of the service industry. Especially those employees to participate in the performance of the artistic expression, through the micro film, deduction to create their own service story, is a recognition of their work, a huge incentive.

Third, micro film can provide material for colleges and hotel internal training. Application of micro film in the hotel hotel management professional teaching, not only promote the hotel enterprise culture and image, but also to attract more high quality graduates to lay a good foundation to work in hotel. Such as Kaiyuan Group under Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel brand is very good at using the micro film marketing, micro film the shooting has been involved in all outlets, and micro film taken from real case, with a very high value of the teaching guide.


As of 2013 November, WeChat registered users has exceeded 600000000. WeChat marketing is a marketing innovation of enterprises in the era of network economy, is a kind of mobile internet marketing way with WeChat hot rise. WeChat there is no distance limitations, user registration WeChat, and around the "friends" to form a connection; the user can independently subscriptions to their required information, businesses by providing the information that the user needs, to promote their products, so as to achieve point-to-point marketing.

From the characteristics of WeChat look, it redefines the between hotel and user communication. If the micro-blog radio as the hotel brand, WeChat for brand launched the "face to face" service. When the brand to get attention, they can reach the rate is almost WeChat dialogue 100%, its ability to maintain far more than micro-blog. Through one-on-one attention and push, hotel WeChat platform to "fans" push including news and information, product information, the latest activities and other news, can even complete consulting, customer service and other functions.

Hotel companies should be WeChat as brand publicity to. First, to attract more people to become the attention, and then through the content delivery and communication will be the ordinary followers into loyal followers, when the followers recognized brand, the formation of trust in the hotel, they will naturally become the hotel customers.


Of course, WeChat and micro-blog, can complete the hotel promotion, hotel information release, forwarding, and other micro-blog customer interaction etc.. But WeChat with point to point communication characteristics, has the privacy and intimacy, as we usually say pass from mouth to mouth, word-of-mouth marketing is the same. The hotel WeChat content not only in hotel marketing activities in time, more to lead a way of life. The contents should include aspects of society. The guests to pick up the mobile phone, WeChat boring when he likes attention Hotel released. In the course of time, they will become the hotel's potential or actual guest, or word-of-mouth spread of the hotel.

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