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To guest demand-oriented service design and effective servic
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To guest demand-oriented service design and effective service delivery
- Starting from the airport signs
The hotel industry has entered the era of the service economy, service economy, the next step is to experience economy. With the arrival of the experience economy, guests experience serving as an object to be consumed increasingly rich, personalized consumer increasingly clear that the pursuit of material things to the pursuit of material and spiritual satisfaction from a single comprehensive, requiring hotel services is also rising. To guest demand-oriented design and provide services, can solve the problem of guest satisfaction achieved.
Signs marked in Figure 1 indicates the time where the walk to the destination, signs Figure II are very personalized and user-friendly, this three-dimensional signs, very real multi-angle presents a specific targeting of different orientations, effective to solve the traditional signs indicating unknown, can not be effectively directed the question accurately.
Capital International Airport signs marked time, is to inform passengers of an accurate time and be aware of, not because the initial boarding or unfamiliar airport and boarding due to hurry to produce anxiety. In addition to the signs one direction, with time, it more of a service, which is showing tangible services, Fu intangible services tangible, so that passengers can perceive (experience) to the service, the service is actually the essence Guests of the consumer experience. It's also so that passengers can fully enjoy their right to know. On the other hand, ahead of signs, in fact, the party (airport) at the same time serving the exercise of the right to inform, not only provides the service for passengers, in fact, facilitate service providers (airports and service personnel themselves), avoid the unwitting passenger related issues arising out of or in order to answer questions raised by a number of passengers and inflated labor.
Speaking of time, we might look at the hotel services. In order to facilitate the travel arrangements for the guests during their stay, the hotel's brochure usually marked by taxi to the airport and more long distance and time to the train station and more long distance and time, roughly how much costs, etc., which we need considered a good distance and time in advance. So the hotel's in-house sales manager or director of guest relations should also be calculated in advance the time required to bring passengers to visit the hotel the whole time and to the appropriate designated place, thus avoiding the guests asked and I do not know, you can lead the guests in the actual and describes the hotel at any time to control the time and temporary adjustment calm calm when the itinerary. Restaurant waiter should generally know each dish Sands of time, such as steamed might spend a little longer time, cooking would be faster, service personnel know the Sands of time, you can give the guests at the time of a single point in the corresponding recommendations (such as : dining guests with luggage apparently anxious to catch a plane or train, do not slow points dishes and do the appropriate instructions), or halfway answer when guests Ye reminder dish.
Capital International Airport marked signs of time, although the details, but the direct result of the well, then bring is to enhance the level of service and guest satisfaction, the guests' needs and complaints to help significantly reduce the rate.
Three-dimensional signs Baiyun International Airport just in general appearance and signs of improved form, but may well be an innovation, this innovation is standing up a passenger point of view and vision experience and feelings, and only think of myself as a passenger Imagine what they have because of unclear instructions, in order to find a toilet or gate and hands hectic moments, will imagine and design products such three-dimensional signs, three-dimensional representation of the signs more real, more human.
On the other hand indicates the need to effectively, a three-dimensional plane signs are far from accurate indication signs, and even itself may contain errors. In the hotel's star rating or review, we often find that some of the hotel's safe passage signs (with luminous) was actually installed in turn, the reason is not because they do not accidentally installed backwards, but the hotel intentionally. Why? Because the brand had not so much reverse directions, in order to save time, simply turn on the equipment, but does not know the word in English and safe passage also reversed the result joke goes, does not conform to the star and fire regulations (regulations " Fire signs should be properly hung, "in turn, is clearly not the right).
So we have to be effective. Available to guests but no practical effect, there is no need to provide (eg: hotel rooms, although some put the scales, but there is no room for the scale is accurate; lobby on behalf of the world's all time time zone of the city, But no one is accurate), but because of the negative effects otherwise lead to increased cost of services.
Details of how hard to be perfect! First guest experience from the perspective of service set out to design services and products, then there are more inspection services, continue to revise the service, continue to improve service, try to make our service be "fine" and "thoughtful." Do need to think a little more service, convenience for the sake of their own to provide services for guests to experience the comfort and convenience in mind. Furthermore, we need to understand is that the guests that the guests, not just customers. Customers and we are trading relationship, he purchased our services and products, and therefore pay the price, and we thank him. The experience of the service product as guests who would like to guest house as their guests, as from the heart of their services, so the guests back to the hotel before you say, "I'm home!", This time He has put the hotel as a home where, because of a group like yours ultimate intentions for his service people! This time service effectiveness in order to achieve "perfection" and "OK." So we say that a guest is not equivalent to the customer!
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