Foshan City, Swan Lake Swan Lake Leisure Hotel Group to build from Shijiazhuang, the group owns Swan Lake Hotel, Venice Water World, eight karats nightclubs and many other services, entertainment enterprises, located in Foshan City Nanhai District Xinsheng Road, North Building, Akinobu 300 meters. Designed by the country's top teams, "Yun space" design room to the case support the overall project area of 50,000 square meters, the hotel catchment treatment, SPA, health care, buffet, recreation rooms, a nightclub, a business meeting in one. Green, healthy, environmentally friendly business philosophy to highlight the noble, elegant surroundings, meticulous and attentive butler service, allowing guests to experience the health, safety and comfort! Swan Lake Leisure Hotel, China is committed to create a one-stop leisure services industry spa themed hotel with a wide range of innovative ideas to promote the development of leisure services industry!
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